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Nancy Hung

Nancy has loved painting and drawing since her childhood. She had studied ink painting in her 20s and later started oil painting as well. Nancy never stopped painting no matter how busy she was managing a difficult balance between her professional career and family life. She now enjoys both styles of paintings and feels total freedom and satisfaction journeying between the two. She feels that every painting is a new adventure of discovery, growth and creativity. Through painting, she also has developed a deeper appreciation of her surroundings and a better sense of compassion, empathy, and humanity for nature and people. She believes that every piece of artwork has a life and spirit of its own that communicates directly with the viewers. She is convinced that artwork enhances the quality of people’s spiritual life and helps build a more beautiful world.

Nancy received her BBA and MBA from Bernard M. Baruch College and had worked in the telecommunications and computer technology industries for decades before retiring at the end of 2015 from her full time job as the CFO and VP of Administrations of a multi-state high-tech company. She then worked as an independent management consultant for two years. In 2017, she decided to devote all of her time to art, her lifelong passion, and to her dream of building an art gallery. With meticulous planning and tireless efforts, she successfully founded her own gallery, StudiOrchid, in 2021 and is now focusing on helping all her artists and herself to achieve higher realms and gain main-stream recognition.


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