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Brazilian visual artist Totonho is known for his colorful paintings of Brazilian nature. With his unique use of light and his extraordinary reflections, he captures the mysterious tropical landscape in an inimitable way. His meticulous paintings show both the beauty and the devastation of the rain-forest. There lies the essence of his success, with exhibitions all over the world.

Totonho was born in the countryside of the state of Bahia, in northeastern Brazil. He started drawing and painting at a very early age, using soil, plants and coffee to make paint. At the age of fourteen, he moved from the countryside to Bahia's capital Salvador. There he refined his skills, met other artists and began showing his work.

Totonho had his first exhibition outside Brazil in 1988. Since then he has shown his work at many solo and groups exhibitions. His paintings are highly appreciated, and adorn the walls of many places all over the world. Totonho resides and works in Brazil, Portugal and The Netherlands.


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