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About StudiOrchid

StudiOrchid is located in New Jersey and was founded in 2021 by Nancy Hung.   It is a private art gallery that holds seasonal or periodic exhibitions and events to share its artwork collections with those who have passions for art.  Viewings will be by invitations or appointments only.  If you are interested in visiting our gallery, you can contact us here.  


StudiOrchid brings together artists and artworks of different styles ranging from classical to modern, realistic to abstract, and eastern to western.   We offer top-of-the-line products at reasonable prices with great variety.   Our selection here really embraces the spirit of life, distinctive energy and the beauty of the world.   At StudiOrchid, you will be intrigued and inspired by the unique collection of artworks embodying the diversity of artists’ imagination, creativity and style.  We hope that you will find that piece of artwork in StudiOrchid that meets your eyes and touches your heart. 

StudiOrchid is a private gallery with an online shopping platform selling original art works (paintings, limited editions, and sculptures) and special prints (e.g., on metal, acrylic, wood) of various sizes.   We also accept commission requests.

StudiOrchid is located in a premier residential neighborhood in a beautiful all-season garden setting.   Your visit to our studio is promised to be a unique experience of enjoyment drawn from our amazing art collections, glories of natural beauties and landscaping esthetics. 

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