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Shangyi Lu

Shangyi Lu is a contemporary watercolor painter and digital artist. She creates unique modern paintings in watercolor and actively explores new art forms by applying renovated computer technology to her work. As a watercolor painter for over 10 years, she draws most of her inspiration from naturale objects. She has always been fascinated by the ever-changing seasonal colors, the bouncing reflective light, and the interaction of natural forms. Watercolor provides the spontaneous, flowing quality that she wishes to convey. “My goal is to capture the fleeting magic of light and the invisible energy flow of the natural world. They remind me of the essence of life and how fortunate we are to be part of this magnificent world.”

A graduate of University of Florida Engineering School, Shangyi worked in the telecommunication industry for a decade before pursuing her interest in contemporary art. She received a master degree in Digital Imaging and Design from New York University. Shangyi also shows her work in museum exhibitions and publishes on the Internet.


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