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Bo Li

Li Bo is a professional artist based in New Jersey, USA. He feels that all human beings are imbued with a creative spirit. Oil painting is one way to inspire and engage his creativity. He enjoys creating art, and hopes his work will invoke the authentic nature of our soul, which is creativity and joy.
He was born in 1964 in Shandong, China. At the age of twelve he was encouraged by his mother to begin working with a local art teacher. It was this beginning that brought him into the world of Art. There he began working with oil on canvas which has become his preferred medium of choice. His professional career began in 1985 when his artwork was published on various newspapers and magazines throughout China.

His inspiration has come from Van Gogh, Gauguin, Monet and Matisse. His passion is clearly displayed and expressed by his love of color in flowers. Many of his fine art paintings are timeless natural gardenscapes bursting with color and warmth. His art brings the diversity, yet harmony of flowers and color in a beautiful natural setting.

Since 1991 Li Bo began participating in national exhibitions across China and International Art Expos. He gained award winning successes and won worldwide recognition at his first international exhibition in Zurich 2004 where his entire collection was sold.

He has also won many awards since then including the bronze award in 1998 at the Jiangsu Art Festival in celebration of the coming new century and the Jiangsu Province Artwork Exhibition. In addition, his artwork was included in the Best of Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition held in Hong Kong of that year. His paintings have been collected by private collectors throughout Asia.


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